Harris i-Aware® Tactical Mobility Night Vision Goggle, F6044 Series

i-Aware® is a family of advanced, multi-purpose night vision products connecting the battlefield user with various applications—as well as command headquarters—to enhance situational awareness. As part of a complete soldier system or as a stand-alone night vision goggle, i-Aware Tactical Mobility Night Vision Goggle (TM-NVG) increases operational effectiveness in both nighttime and daytime missions, and provides the soldier with real-time video access to critical tactical intelligence.

Tactical night vision with integrated video export

i-Aware TM-NVG offers integrated, color imagery display and camera capture export capabilities. The configuration delivers the same night vision capability as the F6015 in a monocular (with no increase in weight) or in a light-weight binocular with advanced technical features to improve soldier mobility.

Key benefits

  • Provides enhanced tactical command and control for improved decision-making 
  • Allows tactical commanders realtime access to live soldier video feeds
  • Enables viewing GPS, mapping, command text message and target information along with video input from weaponsights to “shoot around the corner”
  • Integrates a camera system to capture and export live video from the user’s viewpoint