Harris i-Aware® Tactical Mobility Night Vision Goggle Fusion, F6045 Series

i-Aware® is a family of advanced, multi-purpose night vision products connecting the battlefield user with various applications, as well as command headquarters, to enhance situational awareness.  Designed to increase operational effectiveness in both nighttime and daytime missions, i-Aware TM-NVG Fusion provides the commander and user with real-time video access to critical tactical intelligence. i-Aware TM-NVG Fusion is the first night vision goggle to provide fusion (via optical overlay) of I2 and IR imagery as well as real-time video export.

Fusion of image intensifier and infrared technology

Combines the capabilities of the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle program and the TM-NVG into a single unified platform. Offers optical overlay fusion, color imagery display and camera capture export capabilities in a lightweight monocular or binocular configuration with advanced technical features to improve soldier mobility.

Key benefits

  • Provides fusion (via optical overlay) of image intensified (I2) and infrared (IR) imagery as well as realtime video inputs
  • Image importing and exporting capabilities:
    • Enables viewing GPS, mapping, command text message and target information along with thermal video input from weaponsights to “shoot around the corner”
    • Integrates a camera system to capture and export live (I2) video from the user’s viewpoint.
  • Enables covert operation during nighttime operations with light-secure method of viewing key tactical information.