Harris RF-3590 Ruggedized Tablet

The Harris RF-3590 provides high-performance application and computing capabilities in a lightweight, ruggedized tablet. Featuring a smartphone-like interface, it enables greater connectivity for forward-deployed soldiers and gives them access to tactical communications data, full-motion ISR and situational awareness updates.

Real-time ISR from an Edge Device

The RF-3590 integrates directly with tactical wideband radio networks for real-time information sharing across the battlespace. Equipped with the Android™ operating system, it supports Bluetooth, commercial GPS, and wireless cellular capabilities. The Ruggedized Tablet includes onboard front and rear-facing cameras, a digital compass, and is fully interoperable with all Harris radio products as well as other industry-standard commercial hardware.

Key Benefits

  • Full interoperability with Harris radios
  • Sunlight readability
  • Supports gloved multi-touch and stylus operation
  • Front and rear-facing camera (2Mp, 8Mp)
  • Android operating system