Harris RF-7800I Tactical Networking Intercom System

The Harris RF-7800I Tactical Networking Intercom System is the smallest, lightest, most power efficient intercom system available today. It is customizable and reliable for any vehicle on any mission—delivering a network backbone for integrated dismount, TOC, maritime and vehicular communications, as well as voice and data connectivity among crewmembers.

Seamless Interoperability with Military and Public Safety Tactical Radios

Tough terrain and noisy environments are no match for the Harris RF-7800I Tactical Networking Intercom System. The system delivers clear voice and data between crew members within the limited confines of military vehicles traveling in harsh conditions. The RF-7800I supports HF, VHF, UHF, SPR and BGAN satellite communications technology, reliably connecting dismounted personnel, Tactical Operations Centers (TOC), maritime and vehicular units.

The RF-7800I is interoperable with the Harris Falcon® family of tactical radios, as well as other military, government and commercial devices. The modular, customizable to a variety of vehicles makes the system easy to install and configure based on the specific needs of the mission.

Key Benefits

  • Interoperable with Combat Net, P25 and Falcon radios
  • Voice channel switching and digital data packet routing between 8 crew stations and up to 8 Combat Net radios
  • Eliminates background noise to deliver clear voice communications
  • Modular, integrated capabilities supporting data and Ethernet connectivity