L3Harris RF300M-DL (C) Small Secure Data Link (SSDL)

The L3Harris RF300M-DL (C) is a single-channel, easily embedded tactical radio with a reduced SWaP engineered to meet challenging requirements in a variety of platforms, including ground vehicles, helicopters and UAVs. The Small Secure Data Link provides multiband, multi-mode networking capabilities—ideal for warfighters on the tactical edge, allowing them to switch networks and waveforms on-the-move for real-time battle intelligence.

Tactical Communications Optimized for Airborne ISR

We base this L3Harris airborne solution on battle-proven AN/PRC-152/152A Falcon III® technology, which powers the world’s most widely-deployed software-defined tactical radios. The SSDL delivers the same advanced capabilities, plus high-speed voice, data and video, SATCOM and line-of-sight, IP-based ad-hoc networking.

The RF300M-DL (C) is JTRS-approved with a SCA compliant architecture that accommodates changing mission needs and emerging waveforms radio systems, UHF SATCOM waveforms, Public Safety radios, and Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) systems with simple software upgrades. 

Key Benefits

  • Ruggedized to meet extreme environmental requirements
  • Extends battlespace networks beyond-line-of-sight without consuming satellite bandwidth
  • Easily embedded for a high degree of versatility
  • Direct compatibility with predominant tactical radios