L3Harris Sierra™ II Programmable Cryptographic ASIC

When embedded in radios and other voice and data tactical communications devices, L3Harris Sierra II encrypts classified information prior to transmission and storage. With low power requirements, small size and high data rates, it’s ideal for battery-powered applications including tactical radios, wireless LANs, remote sensors, guided munitions and UAVs.

JTRS-compliant, Type 1 Programmable Encryption

NSA-certified, Sierra II is software programmable, enabling future upgrades without the cost and logistics of hardware purchases. It offers legacy algorithm support and is also compliant with all Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) and Crypto Modernization Program requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Legacy algorithm support
  • Optimized SWaP
  • Compliant with NSA’s Crypto Modernization Program
  • Data rates greater than 300 Mbps