Helios® Real-time Ground Weather Intelligence

Helios® weather analytics from L3Harris provide fast and accurate local ground weather validation intelligence to assist companies and organizations with real-time decision making. The analytics instantaneously evaluates and filters content from thousands of existing public and private video cameras to detect real-time weather conditions. Helios® provides immediate confirmation of ground weather condition changes at a detailed local level and combines it with National Weather Service warnings and other relevant weather data to give a complete weather picture.

Real-time Local Weather Validation

Regional weather can change quickly and vary significantly, even between city blocks, making weather-based decisions at the local level a real challenge. From the school official, who has to decide which schools to close during a winter storm, to the fleet manager, who is responsible for scheduling deliveries during that same event, regional radar alone does not provide the detail necessary to make optimal decisions.

L3Harris addresses this vital information gap with Helios®, a ground-based environmental intelligence platform that integrates on-the-ground surveillance with conventional weather-tracking technologies. With Helios®, you understand events as they unfold, minute by minute, kilometer by kilometer. When adverse weather threatens, Helios® analyzes imagery from thousands of existing public and private video cameras using a combination of machine learning and traditional image science to instantaneously identify and classify changes in weather conditions.

With validated analytics at greater than 90% accuracy, Helios® is the only image-based real-time, localized ground conditions change notification system on the market today. Current customers are using Helios® data to improve weather forecasting models, augment traffic routing and logistics planning, and support navigation for next generation autonomous vehicles.