Hosted Payload Solutions

L3Harris is the largest and most experienced hosted payload provider in the world, specializing in end-to-end hosted payload solutions that get commercial and government missions into space affordably.

Hosted payloads offer significant cost savings and schedule efficiencies.

We do this by integrating sensors, instrumentation, and other payloads on existing satellite platforms where excess size, weight, and power are available. These “hosts” provide a subsidized ride to space and eliminate the need to build, launch, and operate an independent satellite system.

L3Harris advises mission planners on their options for cost-effective space access and designs, and we build and integrate the payloads to realize their visions.

We do this by drawing upon both our relationships with satellite owners and operators and our own technical expertise in developing and integrating payloads with satellites and ground systems. This expertise includes ground-processing requirements, facility locations, throughput requirements, and dissemination. We apply codified processes to align the technical and business aspects of hosted payload programs, including contract negotiation.