HyperCube™ 3D Wind Measurement

Weather forecasting models draw upon many different types of data to produce accurate forecasting. The precision of today’s weather data is improving prediction models; however, the availability of accurate wind data has lagged behind. L3Harris engineers and scientists developed the HyperCube™ three-dimensional wind measurement sounder to bridge that gap.

Small Satellite Solution for Wind Measurement

Accurate wind measurement information has been identified as a top priority to improving weather forecasting models. In response, we provide HyperCube™ as a cost-effective solution.

HyperCube™ is a space-based, three-dimensional sounding instrument designed to measure the speed, direction, and elevation of wind in Earth’s atmosphere. A Fourier transform spectrometer, the HyperCube™ cubesat is much smaller and less expensive, and offers a more expedient implementation alternative to complex light detection and ranging (LiDAR) wind measurement programs.

Enabled by the sounding technology of L3Harris, HyperCube™ provides hundreds of hyperspectral bands for the best instrument resolution in the small satellite market. It delivers more vertical layers of wind vector data at fine spatial resolution, resulting in more accurate data than other available solutions.

Flexible Hyperspectral Sounding Technology

Because HyperCubeTM  solutions combine small size and low cost with the latest developments in hyperspectral sounding, the technology meets a wide range of mission requirement in affordable packages.