HyperCube™ Infrared Sounding and 3D Wind Measurement

Hyperspectral infrared sounders, which use thousands of spectral channels to make detailed measurements of temperature and moisture, are one of the top contributors to weather forecast accuracy. With HyperCube, L3Harris has miniaturized its proven hyperspectral sensor technology to meet future requirements for sounding and 3D wind data.

Sounding with Smallsats

Detailed temperature, moisture and wind information at many levels of the atmosphere are considered a top priority for maintaining and improving the accuracy of weather forecasting models. L3Harris provides HyperCube, a high-performance, cost-effective solution.

HyperCube is designed to measure vertical profiles of temperature and moisture, and the speed, direction and elevation of winds in the atmosphere. Being a Fourier transform spectrometer, the HyperCube is much smaller, less expensive and easier to implement than complex Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) wind measurement programs.

Precise, Absolute Calibration

Enabled by proven L3Harris sounding technology, HyperCube uses more than 600 hyperspectral infrared channels to provide temperature, moisture and wind measurements at more than 30 layers of the atmosphere at a fraction of the size of previous instruments.

An onboard target capable of precise, absolute calibration maintains data accuracy. HyperCube also offers collection time flexibility, allowing for more mission coverage than alternative technologies.

Flexible Solution

Because HyperCube combines small size and low cost with the latest developments in hyperspectral sounding, its technology meets a wide range of mission requirements. HyperCube technology can be easily configured for multiple missions and applications including weather,agriculture, and oil and gas.