IntelliEarth™ WxConnect™ Direct Receive Systems

With IntelliEarthTM WxConnect™ direct receive systems, Harris is giving new meaning to the term, “nowcasting.” WxConnect™ allows you to directly receive the GOES-R series or HimarwariCast environmental satellite information without reliance on terrestrial communications, providing you access to all of their collected data. It processes these high-density data streams and lets you generate real-time, standards-based products for distribution, data fusion, advanced analytics, and visualization.

GOES Rebroadcast and HimawariCast Direct Receive Systems

Because no one provides you with high system availability and security like Harris, WxConnect™ will not let you down in a crunch. You will play a more important role than ever in helping to reduce the impacts of environmental disasters on lives and property.

WxConnect™ systems were chosen by the United States National Weather Service for direct receipt of GOES rebroadcast and HimawariCast data. These systems have undergone thousands of hours of rigorous verification testing and validation. Built on open standards, they are modular and scalable, and compatible with standard industry weather visualization and forecasting applications. Harris ENVI® visualization software is available for WxConnect™ systems to assist you in creating the look and feel for your custom imagery. Harris developed an interactive, real-time Advanced Product Preview (APP) tool, powered by our IDL® software, for WxConnect™ to more effectively utilize the 16 channels of imagery.