Jagwire™, a scalable and web-based software, helps quickly discover data, transform it into information, and put it into the hands of the people that need it most – regardless of location.

Situational Awareness – When and Where It's Needed

Jagwire™ has consistently delivered results for the defense and intelligence community through state-of-the-art video processing, data analytics, and a powerful automated geospatial data federation capability. This technology is now available to any organization that relies on geospatial data to make time-critical decisions.

Jagwire™ allows geographically dispersed organizations to gain near real-time access to geospatial data collected from a broad range of orbital and fixed-wing sources and supports virtually any data type, including live video feeds, satellite imagery archives, LiDAR point clouds, and vector data types. With advanced discovery and filtering capabilities, Jagwire™ lets users quickly identify critical intelligence.  Because the system is truly federated, when data is made available in one point of the system, it is immediately discoverable throughout the system.

Along with real-time ingest of multiple live feeds, Jagwire™ uses variable bit-rate transcoding that lets all classes of users view the same images, whether in a command center or in a remote location – enabling faster, smarter decisions. Jagwire™ supports a wide variety of geospatial applications, including ENVI® and ArcGIS, so you can leverage the investments you have already made.


  • Provides rapid access to multi-source, multi-INT, multi-modal data through standard web services
  • Delivers access to a larger data set through a federated architecture that reduces the cost of transporting data
  • Allows even forward-deployed users in austere environments to view critical files in seconds
  • Enables more informed decisions with advanced data analytics through integration with ENVI® Services Engine
  • Scales with configurations for desktop, cloud, and mobile users
  • Deploys quickly into existing environments with an architecture that is agile, interoperable, and integration-ready