L3Harris VOICE C2 - VCCS

L3Harris, a leader in IP-based communications, has built leading-edge solutions serving the C2 market for more than three decades. VOICE C2 is an advanced IP communications system based on simplified hardware and software components that, when combined, deliver a sophisticated communications platform. The system provides users with the ability to access and control radio, telephony, intercoms and paging systems using a single intuitive GUI.

Simplifying operator control

The VOICE C2 OCU provides an integrated voice communications human machine interface that interconnects operators, radios and telephony. With advanced audio and control interfaces, system users can communicate or conference with any available internal or external resources. Operator position hardware is comprised of an OCU, a touch screen panel computer, and an optional OIU. OIU associated accessories include speakers, handset, wired or wireless headsets and microphones. For positions requiring less capability, the operator position hardware can be streamlined to simply a headset and touch-panel computer or laptop. The GUI that runs on the OCU permits selection and control of all the communications resources connected to the system.

Simplifying configuration

The VOICE C2 OCU provides each user with complete control of their communications environment via an intuitive, highly configurable touchscreen interface. The interface provides users access to all facilities required to perform their allotted tasks including:

  • Role logon
  • Telephony and radio calls
  • Radio control
  • Telephone-to-radio patching
  • Multiple audio stream conferencing
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Facilities control