LCR-2020 Coastal Surveillance Radar

The coastal surveillance mission, ensuring the integrity of the national territory and its territorial waters, has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. As threats have become more sophisticated, conducting surveillance from multiple perspectives in a geographically difficult environment has become increasingly complicated.

Are there holes in your coastal defense surveillance net?

Harris Coastal Defense Radar systems fill the gap between our customers’ long-range, air surveillance radars and their string of short-range, marine vessel-tracking radars that dot the country's shorelines. They ensure there are no holes in the coastal defense surveillance net. The LCR-2020 radar is fully militarized, with electronic counter-countermeasures capable of operating even if an enemy is attempting to jam.

For the past 20 years, Harris radars have been a key element of Sweden’s Defense Surveillance and Air Traffic Control network. With the fielding in 2010 of the new LCR 2020, Harris has now further enhanced Sweden’s ability to defend its borders.

Additionally, Harris offers a “turn-key solution” that includes sea and air surveillance radars, plus a central command and control capability. This gives customers a comprehensive and centralized surveillance safety net.