LMC-1000 LTE Mobile Communicator

The secure, lightweight LMC-1000 operates on commercial carrier broadband and FirstNet (as available). The high-definition, 5-inch Gorilla glass touch screen is glove usable, and functional in sunlight and wet conditions. Ideal for covert operations, this rugged device offers Push-to-Talk (PTT) that can be used even when locked. With the enhanced BeOn® application, users can exchange text messages and pass real-time location information among connected team members. High performance speakers and microphones with active noise cancellation deliver exceptional audio quality. The LMC-1000 supports a variety of third-party applications and sensors, as well as Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi. The LMC-1000 is available to quote.  

Commercial cellular capable and FirstNet ready

The LMC-1000 operates on both commercial carrier broadband networks and the FirstNet National Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN)—allowing Public Safety agencies to access FirstNet services as they become available.

BeOn enhanced communication

Paired with the Harris BeOn application, Public Safety’s most advanced PTT application, users can exchange text messages and pass real-time location and presence information among connected team members. This includes individual or group texting and access to all the relevant information needed for coordinated incident responses. The LMC-1000's dedicated PTT button fully leverages BeOn, making it available even when the phone is in the locked mode.

Enhanced security and device management

Secure Boot and Runtime Integrity checks the reliability of the operating system and core applications. Secure Data Storage ensures user credentials and encryption keys are stored in TPM-safe storage with AES-256 encryption. If tampering is detected, encryption keys become obsolete, making memory content inaccessible. The Application Permission Firewall defines permissions for each application, microphone and camera. An optional Device Management solution enables centralized remote management of the device.