Maritime Geospatial Solutions

The demand for immediate maritime domain awareness is growing. As a result, L3Harris has partnered with exactEarth Ltd to deliver a real-time global tracking and information solution that optimizes a global satellite constellation for AIS. We offer exactViewTM RT powered by L3Harris, an advanced global ship tracking solution with continuous global coverage and real-time connectivity for unmatched maritime domain awareness.

Satellite Automatic Identification System (AIS) Technology

Although relatively new, satellite AIS technology has fundamentally changed the landscape for monitoring the maritime domain. Improving upon existing AIS technology already deployed aboard all large vessels and many smaller vessels around the globe, satellite AIS is truly revolutionary in providing a complete and global picture of the world’s maritime shipping environment.

exactViewTM RT powered by L3Harris

  • Simultaneous global satellite coverage
  • Instantaneous downlinking of AIS information
  • Patented message processing for best-in-class vessel detection rates
  • Architecture that provides real-time data delivery and significant flexibility and re-programmability to adapt to the ever-changing maritime industry

Real-time Maritime Domain Awareness

  • Global average revisit under a minute – constant, overlapping coverage to maximize geolocation capability
  • Customer data delivery latency under a minute – for immediate detection of changes in AIS state and awareness of maritime incidents
  • High-density current and historic tracking – to monitor vessels for safety, coordination, and compliance purposes
  • Correlated collection – for validating vessel position with other monitoring system data and/or imagery to counteract AIS data spoofing
  • Reliable detection of both Class A and Class B AIS messages including those from small vessels with ABSEA-equipped AIS transceivers