MBC-200 LTE Mobile Router

The MBC-200 LTE Mobile Router provides simultaneous access to Public Safety Broadband Network Band 14 and commercial LTE networks, delivering optimal coverage for seamless, mission-critical connectivity. The MBC-200's redundant data connections allow first responders to receive streaming video feeds, access critical databases and provide geo-location information simultaneously via multiple uplink/downlink bearer paths—all from a compact, rugged enclosure that accommodates a variety of in-vehicle mounting options.

Available Bands

  • Public Safety 700 MHz LTE Band 14
  • Commercial 700 MHz LTE Bands 13 and 17


  • Seamless connectivity through redundant data connections, automatic switchover based on loss of connectivity
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WAAS enabled GPS 
  • Multiple Ethernet, USB ports
  • 2x2 Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) 
  • Multiple, secure, LTE bearers to provide Quality of Service 
  • Rule-based port switching 
  • Fallback capability to 3G bands when operating on commercial LTE networks 
  • 3GPP Release 8 support, easily upgradable to Release 9


  • Variety of antenna and cable options for vehicle mount available