MobileMap, powered by FliteScene®

L3Harris MobileMap provides real-time situational awareness for both ground and airborne operations. Capable of operating in a tactical environment without network or server access, L3Harris MobileMap delivers government-owned electronic map, imagery, and mission planning overlays on Android and iOS devices without requiring a subscription service. L3Harris MobileMap now enables ground operations to use the same chart and imagery datasets to share the common operational picture, thereby enabling better coordination and mission execution.

Combat-proven map application provides situational awareness to airborne and ground forces

L3Harris MobileMap uses the L3Harris FliteScene® software digital map library for its rendering engine and takes advantage of rich features developed and widely fielded over the last decade for embedded avionics. FliteScene is a combat-proven, feature-rich, situational awareness product that is designed to be a portable and robust solution for airborne and ground-based systems.

MobileMap enhances situational awareness at the tactical edge

L3Harris MobileMap also allows the user to take advantage of any tactical network (RF, cellular, IP, SATCOM) to enhance situational awareness collaboration at the edge with data sharing, blue force tracking, whiteboarding (telestration), and more. It can operate on any phone or tablet device, from commercial smart phones all the way up to ruggedized military tablets.