Model 980 Active Low-Frequency Towed Sonar (ALOFTS)

The L3Harris Model 980 ALOFTS counters the submarine threat, including quiet diesel boats in the deep ocean and littoral water environments.

Maximum Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Performance for Ships as Small as Offshore Patrol Vessels

The ALOFTS system is a robust, proven system with extensive at-sea operating time. A modular system tailored to meet customer requirements, ALOFTS is fielded on fast-attack craft, catamarans, and frigates.

Detection and tracking are provided for both active and passive operations  

ALOFTS combines a high-powered, active source in a variable-depth towed body. A directional towed array receives active and passive signals. This combination allows high levels of
acoustic energy to be transmitted by the active source in broad transmit beams. These beams are received by the narrow, highly-directional, noise-rejecting receive beams of the towed array.

L3Harris Towed Sonar Performs in Littoral, Shallow Water Environments

The towing and handling system combines the active source and passive towed array to achieve a single “short scope” tow. This provides rapid response to ship maneuvers and is effective in the littoral, shallow water environment where other towed arrays are ineffective. System features include automatic depth keeping, automatic bottom avoidance and depth control from the sonar operator’s console.

L3Harris also offers shore-based sonar training. Learn more here.