Model 997 Hull-Mounted Sonar (HMS)

L3Harris Model 997’s scalable architecture provides the best combination of cost and performance for new construction and modernization programs. The selection of array sizes provides the ideal solution for ships of any size – from offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) to cruisers.

Model 997 HMS is designed to give the maximum performance possible while searching, detecting, tracking, and classifying targets. The system provides an unsurpassed capability to prosecute close-in, anti-submarine warfare (ASW) threats and defend against torpedoes while avoiding mines and underwater obstacles.

Multiple transmission parameters combined with sensitive receivers and optimum signal processing allows maximum target information to be extracted from the acoustic environment.

L3Harris HMS systems are designed to provide a standoff capability with excellent shallow-water performance against any threat.

The L3Harris HMS system creates and maintains a complete UTP.

  • Creates a comprehensive view of the sonar picture, combat management system (CMS) information and common tactical picture (CTP) on a single display
  • Offers additional operator selectable sonar displays
  • Integrates all data coming from networked platforms and sensors
  • Provides full authority undersea warfare track management and fully-integrated weapon control to the operator, such as torpedo fire control
  • Displays overlays of bottom topography, water depth and acoustic performance conditions
  • Produces torpedo alerts and mine avoidance data

L3Harris also offers shore-based sonar training. Learn more here.