Modular Open Loop Sweep (MOLS) System

The MOLS system sweeps magnetic, electric and acoustic influence mines and is specifically designed for unmanned surface vessels (USVs). The system emulates the signatures of surface ships in order to satisfy the internal logic of modern influence mines.

A minesweeping system with an acoustic generator that mimics a ship's machinery or equipment

MOLS uses exposed electrodes on a sweep cable that emit current through the seawater to produce magnetic and electric signatures. An acoustic generator produces broadband noise, similar to a ship’s machinery or equipment, such as a propeller.

An expeditionary minesweeping system with the ability to deploy quickly

MOLS is comprised of a lightweight power generation module, a two-electrode sweep array, an acoustic sweep system, an onboard winch and a launch and retrieval (L&R) system. The system is designed for reliable, cost effective operation using proven technologies and environmentally compliant components. MOLS is an expeditionary system with the ability to deploy quickly while en route to the minefield. As the system approaches the operational area, the acoustic generator is launched via the launch and recovery device. The sweep cable is then deployed from the winch and sweep operations can commence.

A simple and reliable minesweeping system requiring minimal deck handling equipment

MOLS uses the power generation module to energize open loop coaxial sweep electrodes which generate magnetic and electric fields using sea water as the return circuit. Weighing approximately 4,000 pounds in an expeditionary configuration, the MOLS is a simple and reliable system requiring minimal deck handling equipment to facilitate stream and recover.