Orthogon Airside Monitor™

Orthogon Airside Monitor™ is an airport surface movement monitoring and planning solution. It uses real-time surveillance and inputs from multiple airport and air traffic systems to improve collaboration between stakeholders.

A versatile platform for airport applications and services

At the heart of the Orthogon Airside Monitor is the airport map. It allows intuitive online in-system configuration of areas used for event monitoring and alerting. It offers added value to Departure Management (DMAN) by providing continuous Variable Taxi Time calculations complemented by the user friendly online definition of taxi times for future planning horizons. With its modular design and short installation period, extensions with additional functionality are easily implemented such as integration of Arrival Manager (AMAN) timeline views.

Airside situational awareness and predictability through precise departure sequences is crucial at busy, capacity constrained airports. The Orthogon Airside Monitor helps enhance Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) in order to help improve this. The solution is designed to navigate these demands while meeting international standards such as the ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBUS) to create harmony in airport operations.

Orthogon Airside Monitor enables continuous monitoring of aircraft movements in and out of airfield geo-fenced areas

Continuous monitoring of aircraft movements in and out of airfield geo-fenced areas with Orthogon Airside Monitor enables:
Detection of A-CDM Milestones:


Creation of alerts: situational awareness for stakeholders

  • Expiration of de-icing before take-off
  • Entry of restricted airside areas
  • Area Congestion
  • A-CDM milestone alerts (late pushback)
  • Automatic and manual alerts

Taxi time definition for future planning horizons

Variable Taxi Time (VTT) calculations

  • Based on times for unimpeded taxi movements during standard weather conditions
  • Additional Adjustments via global time factors (e.g., adverse weather)
  • Updating remaining taxi times when flights traverse certain areas of the airfield

The Orthogon Airside Monitor HMI is built with ODS™ Open Platform 

Open development and runtime environment for Orthogon Airside Monitor is designed to facilitate collaborative design and development of operational ATM display application software. It is built with ODS™ Open Platform, a flexible solution that allows the OrthogonAirside Monitor HMI to be highly configurable and adaptable. Its modular architecture allows for easy additions and modifications of functionality to the user interface.