Orthogon Departure Manager (DMAN)

The Orthogon Departure Manager (DMAN) provides consistent optimized planning of the outbound traffic at airports and accordingly optimized target times at the runway and the stands. Major objectives are to efficiently manage the departure traffic at an airport, ensuring that the maximum available runway capacity is used, and that additional constraints, such as Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) requirements, are properly managed. To achieve these goals, DMAN sequences departures and generates advice for all controllers involved.

Enabler for Airport Collaborative Decision Making

Orthogon software is the application of choice for air navigation service providers, airports, system integrators and research organizations. Customers include AAI India, Avinor Norway, Airways New Zealand, CAD Hong Kong, CAA Singapore, DANS Dubai, DHMI Turkey, ENAV Italy, NATS UK, NAV CANADA, Nav Portugal, Qatar CAA, Skyguide Switzerland, VATM Vietnam, Gatwick Airport Ltd., Lockheed Martin, NAVCANatm, Raytheon IDS, Thales ATM, Selex SI, Wisesoft China, LES China, ATMB China, DLR Germany and EUROCONTROL.