P25 Transportable Base Station/Repeater

The L3Harris P25 Transportable Base Station/Repeater, powered by Tait, allows first responders to quickly extend wide area coverage and set up an on-site dedicated network. Ideal for use during disasters, tactical missions and at crime scenes, this solution ensures continuity and security of mission-critical communications.  

Wide-area P25 Dual Mode Communications

The P25 Transportable Base Station/Repeater delivers all the trusted features of the TB9100 Base Station, with a waterproof Pelican case and aluminum chassis ruggedized to withstand extreme environments. This wide-area solution supports dual-mode interoperability in VHF, UHF and 700/800 MHz bands for interoperable analog and P25 digital communications.

A built-in Task Manager allows users to remotely configure alerts and monitor RF performance. Power options include an external battery and smart AC/DC switching.