Pneumatic Multi-Station Carriers

As weapons shrink and pressure grows to maximize the performance of current assets, L3Harris has developed multiple carriage options that embed two or more pneumatic release units. Offerings include twin store options for F/A-18, F-16 and options for both bay and wing pylons on the F-35.

The pneumatic multiple carriage supports a wide variety of smart weapons

Patented electronics enable the carriage of not only "dumb bombs" but also a wide variety of smart weapons such as JSOW, JDAM, SFW, Paveway, Dual Mode Bomb and SDB. In addition, the PTSC electronics can be configured to operate as a Universal Armament Interface (UAI) Type I or Type II carriage system.

Pneumatic Multiple Carriage Features

  • Features pneumatic rack technology common to F-35, P-8A and MQ-9
  • Compatible with F-16 and F-18 OFP without modification
  • Integrated on-board compressor
  • 20-feet-per-second ejection velocity for 500-pound stores that replicates BRU-55 performance
  • Departure control ensures safe separation and clean umbilical release
  • MIL-STD-1760 aircraft interface​
  • Dual MIL-STD-1760 and MIL-STD-3016 (MMSI) weapon interfaces
  • Eliminates scheduled maintenance and pyrotechnic cartridges
  • Pneumatic racks feature integral in-flight lock, semi-automatic sway bracing, zero retention force arming units, pitch control and electric bomb fuzing

SPEAR Quad Carrier – for UK F-35 Weapons Bay

The quad carrier utilizes four Scorpion - Lightweight Eject Release Units (ERU) embedded in a composite carrier structure to allow four 250 lb class smart weapons to be carried in the F-35 weapons bay. Developed under the UK’s SPEAR (Selective Precision Effects At Range) air-launched requirement, the quad carrier multiplies the strike capabilities of the fleet.

Modular Weapons Launcher – for Eurofighter Typhoon and UK F-35

The MWL (Modular Weapons Launcher) addresses the desire to carry more stores per sortie. MWL offers the option of two or three station carriage of new and existing munitions. The Scorpion - Eject Release Unit (ERU) and the MWL can be configured to carry three SPEAR, three Brimstone or two Paveway IV air-to-ground munitions.