Precision Optics

Harris specializes in custom fabrication of large optics in quantity while meeting demanding quality and delivery requirements. We have been fabricating large optical surfaces – both mirrors and windows – in any shape, with low surface roughness and figure, for over 50 years. Our products are used in a variety of high-performance systems.


  • Gauging Systems
  • Grating Substrates
  • High-Energy Laser Optics
  • Inspection Instruments
  • Interferometers
  • Large Vacuum Compatible Viewing Windows
  • Microlithography Systems
  • Observation Windows
  • Relay Mirrors
  • Solid Plano Optics
  • Telescopes
  • Test Optics

Key Capabilities

  • Shape and grind plano surfaces on optics up to 100 inches (2.5m) in diameter – both solid and lightweight configurations. Complex part geometries can be machined with our computer numerical control (CNC) waterjet cutter or CNC milling systems
  • Polish plano configurations in glass, glass ceramic and crystaline materials in 10- to 50-inch (0.25 to 1.25m) diameter optics with a figure accuracy better than 0.02 wave rms (0.01 microns rms)
  • Achieve surface finishes of less than 2 angstroms on glass and glass ceramic materials
  • Meet demanding requirements for spatial frequency errors, mounting needs and other application-specific issues
  • Use specialized test systems:
    • Ritchey-Common test facility for full aperture testing of optics up to 72 inches (1.8m) in diameter
    • 35-inch (0.9m) aperture Fizeau interferometer system.
    • Capability phase measuring interferometers up to 24" (0.6 m) aperture
  • Incorporate state-of-the-art computer controlled figuring systems, such as small-tool polishing and ion figuring