Precision Optics and Assemblies

High-performance, reliable optics for ground and space-based observation.

Dazzling details of Earth and insights into the mysteries of the universe have one thing in common — L3Harris precision optics. High-performance optical components and assemblies have been integral to the world’s most sophisticated ground- and space-based telescopes and satellites for more than 50 years.

Specializing in custom, large-scale optics

L3Harris provides optomechanical design, optical fabrication, test and assembly capabilities for precision optics solutions and systems. The company manufactures large optical components, including lightweight and solid mirrors in most geometric shapes, to meet low surface microroughness and tight surface figure error specifications. This experience, along with a rigorous metrology and testing program and state-of-the-art in-house facilities, enables us to meet demanding quality and delivery requirements.

L3Harris Provides Solutions for High-performance Systems, Including:

  • Ground- and space-based telescopes
  • Solid and lightweight optics for autocollimating systems
  • Lightweight fast-steering mirrors
  • High-energy laser optics
  • Optical test systems
  • Relay mirrors
  • Observation and vacuum compatible viewing windows
  • Grating substrates
  • Inspection instruments
  • Interferometers