Pyrotechnic Single Carriage and Release Systems

L3Harris BRU-46/A and BRU-47/A are a matched pair of 14-inch and 14/30-inch pyrotechnic bomb release units (BRUs) in use with the United States Air Force as well as various international users. With production over 9,000 units, these BRUs have demonstrated high reliability and only minimal maintenance requirements in both wartime and peacetime operating environments.

Aircraft can be rearmed faster and with reduced maintenance

The BRU-46/A and BRU-47/A offer users significant benefits over previous generation bomb racks. These include dramatically shorter store loading times and greatly reduced maintenance. As a result, users are able to rapidly rearm aircraft while reducing dependency on the logistics infrastructure. This is especially significant during high sortie rate missions.

L3Harris' patented swaybrace technology facilitates the loading of stores in blind or difficult access situations while eliminating the need to tighten individual screw jacks to precise torque values. Another patented feature is the hot gas filtration system which permits dozens of dirty pyrotechnic cartridge firings without having to clean any bomb rack components.

Named ejector of choice for new pyrotechnic applications by the USAF

As the United States Air Force's ejector of choice for new pyrotechnic applications, the BRU-46/A and BRU-47/A are used on the USAF F-15E Eagle and the F/A-22 Raptor. Additionally, the BRU-46/A (as part of the BRU-57 “Smart Rack”) is employed on the F-16 Falcon. The BRU-46/A and BRU-47/A have earned an excellent reputation among operators and maintainers as a reliable, easily maintained state-of-the-art bomb release unit.