Radar Approach Control System (RAPCON)

L3Harris offers its field-proven Mobile Radar Approach Control (RAPCON) system as a solution to meet the need for a modern global rapid response Air Traffic Control (ATC) system.

A modular and scalable radar system providing full airspace control to support ATC requirements

This RAPCON system includes a Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) subsystem and a Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR), a Precision Approach Radar (PAR) Subsystem, and an Operations Subsystem. The combination of the PSR and SSR portion of the system is also known as a TASR (Terminal Air Surveillance Radar) subsystem. The modularity of our RAPCON design ensures that independent and scalable elements can be rapidly deployed providing full airspace control capabilities to support terminal and en-route air traffic control (ATC) requirements and meet critical mission needs.

A proven radar approach control system – installed at over 50 sites

The L3Harris RAPCON solution integrates fully-developed and fielded, solid-state Air Surveillance Radar (ASR), Precision Approach Radar (PAR), and Operations subsystems. Our solution has been proven worldwide at over 50 sites and is available in mobile, transportable and fixed configurations. Furthermore, the packaging meets military requirements for deployment flexibility; a separate mobile ASR, PAR and operations shelter, each fully integrated, but equipped for independent operation.