Radio Frequency Products

L3Harris’ radio frequency (RF) product portfolio offers innovative solutions to challenging applications. These products are used as building blocks to integrate new RF systems, such as radars and direction finding systems, or to modernize aging systems that are experiencing obsolescence issues.

H-101 RF Transmitter for UHF Signals

The H-101 RF Transmitter for UHF signals uses industry-proven transistor technology to produce a power peak greater than 7 kW. Based upon its robust solid-state design, this transmitter will:

  • Improve the overall array efficiency
  • Reduce array failure rate
  • Provide a wide range of transmit capability with its high duty factor and high power

The transmitter module features manual phase and output power calibration with external controls to improve transmitter array performance. The transmitter module is air-cooled, simplifying the logistics of a large-array implementation. The transmitter’s modular design supports either depot or site maintenance models.

Typical applications include:

  • UHF/D-TV
  • FM/HDR/DAB radios
  • Cell base stations
  • Voice and data network stations
  • Air navigation beacons
  • Instrument landing systems

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H-102 RF Receiver Module for UHF Signals

The H-102 RF Receiver Module for UHF signals uses industry-proven E-pHEMT low-noise amplifier technology to provide a noise figure of less than 1 dB. The receiver module uses double down-conversion to baseband. It features manual phase and gain controls to enable external calibration, simplifying calibration within an array. The receiver module is cooled by natural convection. It supports hot-swap, streamlining site maintenance and improving operational availability.

Typical applications include:

  • New ground or mobile radar receivers, UHF to L band
  • Modernization/modifications for improved sensitivity of existing UHF or L-band radar receivers
  • Robust front end for monostatic or bistatic radars with sustained protection of pulsed RF, up to 150W at 250µs with maintained 1 dB noise figure
  • Direction finding/interferometry systems for signal geolocation

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