Real-time Onboard Processing

Remote sensing systems collect staggering amounts of data that require intensive processing. Many users wait hours to have data transported to the ground and processed for interpretation. L3Harris provides solutions that eliminate that delay, delivering unique capabilities to users today.

Real-time Hyperspectral Processing and Analytics

Before we introduced our real-time hyperspectral analysis and visualization tools, researchers and system users typically had to wait hours for sensor data to be processed into understandable, visual formats. Many L3Harris tools process data during playback at speeds up to three times real time, with no loss of processing integrity.

Our capabilities enable the user to pre-define the target to be identified. As hyperspectral data is collected, our solutions:

  • Match captured signatures to the target signature
  • Chip out relevant georeferenced images automatically
  • Enable real-time action/decision
    • For relay to ground on airborne platforms
    • By sending only relevant content quickly to ground for unmanned platforms

Expanding Capabilities Across Phenomenologies

At L3Harris, we are leveraging our expertise in hyperspectral image (HSI) processing and analytics to expand into new phenomenologies, including wide area motion imagery, and we are developing real-time, bimodal processing capabilities to process multi-sensor data at the source. This enables real-time sensor cueing and correlation, as well as autonomous analytics to help solve complex intelligence problems. In addition, these capabilities can be combined with L3Harris Jagwire™ and ENVI® software to enable cataloging, dissemination, and further image analysis capabilities.

When accurate and timely information is critical, L3Harris' integrated real-time processing and analytic solutions provide the actionable intelligence in near-real time for more informed decision making.