Reconfigurable Multimission Payloads

What apps are to smart phones, L3Harris reconfigurable multimission payloads are to satellite missions.

No Need for an Independent Satellite System

L3Harris' reconfigurable multimission software-defined architecture platform for hosted payloads and smallsats enables owner/operators to quickly add new capabilities and adjust to changing missions—even once the satellite is on orbit. The Iridium NEXT Global Satellite constellations will use this multimission platform in their satellites. 

L3Harris manufactures reconfigurable multimission space payloads in our dedicated, high-volume factory—a world-class clean room set up to handle advanced space assembly production. Our state-of-the-art, paperless facility features an interior screen room that supports radio frequency testing. The factory’s fully contained circuit card assembly line includes automated optical inspection for consistent quality assurance. Leveraging these production capabilities, L3Harris can build circuit-level components and produce finished space payloads in a single factory.