Remote-sensed LiDAR Terrain Mapping

Building on our history with airborne military surveillance technologies, L3Harris is providing light-weight airborne sensors for high-resolution LiDAR terrain mapping across varied terrains. Densely populated urban areas, thick forests, or rugged mountains are easily mapped across wide areas from high altitudes. 

High-resolution LiDAR Data

Our Geiger-mode LiDAR technology enables collection of elevation data points across large areas of land, including heavily populated areas or dense foliage, from high altitudes with high-resolution results and point densities greater than 20 points per square meter (ppsm). This ultra-high-density LiDAR provides highly accurate data for detailed terrain relief maps and 3D models to support military mission needs.

Bundled in a smaller, lighter weight package, our newest LiDAR sensor gives a competitive advantage to intelligence gathering and surveillance missions.

Infrastructure and Asset Mapping

Our high-resolution, enhanced classified LiDAR products provide engineering-grade detail and accuracy to build 3D digital terrain models to understand road geometry, develop volumetric calculations, analyze slopes and drainageways, map assets, and provide the basis for infrastructure design. 

Disaster Response

High-resolution LiDAR can map critical areas and provide dense point clouds that can be used to produce downstream products for rescue and relief efforts. These products can assess and analyze damage to infrastructure (e.g., bridges and government buildings), map evacuation routes, and locate displaced population centers for supplying medical and food supplies.