RF-7800N-CP Mobile Computing Platform (MCP)

Powerful and versatile, the Harris Mobile Computing Platform is a rugged network router, network switch, server and VoIP call manager—all in a single, low-SWaP device. As the center of the mobile data network, it provides an integrated and versatile tactical communications server for military, public safety, C4ISR and other network-centric communications systems using multimedia applications.

Reliable Network Routing and ISR at the Tactical Edge

Ideal for remote video surveillance, multi-camera security and real-time situational awareness, the MCP enables forces in threatening environments to achieve mission goals from the safety of a vehicle or secure fixed location. The RF-7800N-CP features a wide set of interfaces, and is capable of simultaneous video encoding, storage, streaming and real-time playback for up to 10 separate feeds using the Harris RF-7800N-AP110 Video Server Application. And, its solid-state hard drive is removable, which allows reliable, long-duration video storage and increased data security.

Key Benefits

  • Low SWaP profile
  • Wide set of interfaces
  • MILSTD-810- and MIL-STD-461-compliant
  • Enables operations to be performed from a safe location
  • Easily integrated with other Harris products
  • Enhanced video storage and data security