RF-7800T-HH Situational Awareness Video Receiver (SAVR)

The lightweight, multiband Harris RF-7800T gives ground forces a real-time aerial view of the battlespace through full-motion video and sensor data feeds from aircraft or Unmanned Aerial Systems. Designed for soldiers at dismount, the SAVR is also versatile enough for vehicular and TOC-based applications.

Video-Enhanced ISR at the Tactical Edge

In addition to its use as a standalone handheld video receiver, the SAVR can be integrated with the Harris RF-3590 Ruggedized Tablet and Harris Falcon III® radios to share video access throughout mission networks. The SAVR includes an embedded GPS, and a software-defined architecture enables the SAVR to keep pace with emerging Digital Data Link (DDL) standards through software upgrades.

Key Benefits

  • Full motion video and sensor data from multiple manned and unmanned systems
  • Falcon III® interoperability
  • Future-proof SCA 2.3 operating environment
  • Embedded GPS