RF Heating and Solvent Injection Technology

Harris is implementing a unique thermal-enhanced oil recovery method to improve the economics of heavy oil production while reducing environmental impact. This process combines radio frequency technology with solvent injection, allowing for cleaner and more economical oil production from heavy oil and oil sands reservoirs at lower operating pressures when compared to current industry methods such as Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD).

Radio Frequency Heating

Just as microwaves heat food, HeatWave™ heats the reservoir by transmitting radio waves. This eliminates the need for steam, associated water, and related capital expense. Harris’ radio frequency (RF) heating technology is based on decades of industry-leading RF development experience and is designed to economically recover hydrocarbon resources while reducing the environmental impact when implemented as a part of the ESEIEH™ process.

Enabling Efficient Extraction

The Enhanced Solvent Extraction Incorporating Electromagnetic Heating (ESEIEH™) process applies Harris’ patented antenna technology to heat a reservoir in situ with radio waves. A solvent is then injected to further mobilize the heavy oil by reducing viscosity. By significantly decreasing the energy required and largely eliminating the need for water, the ESEIEH™ process will reduce environmental impact, while providing greater efficiency and versatility in oil recovery operations.

Why Heatwave™

The HeatWave™ tool design benefits from decades of Harris radio technology expertise and extensive laboratory and field testing. With a modular design, easy integration, and essentially no need for water, HeatWave™ is the key to improving the economics of heavy oil recovery.


  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions through the use of less energy
  • Minimizes capital outlay and enables incremental expansion
  • Minimizes facility footprint by largely eliminating the need for water and reducing produced water
  • Integrates into standard oilfield drilling services and completions
  • Accesses resource-rich pay zones previously inaccessible through mining or steam-based processes

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