RF Waveform Generators

L3Harris has been designing and manufacturing high performance RF arbitrary waveform generators for more than twenty-five years. We are pioneers in the field of digitally-based RF products and this focus continues as our core competency. Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of RF and digital integration has led to the development of the most sophisticated RF arbitrary waveform generator solutions available today. This history of innovation as a manufacturer of high end custom products has led to a broad customer base featuring leaders in military radar, aerospace, EW, and communication systems. Our group is a registered Quality Management System manufacturer (ISO-9001:2000) with the latest software, hardware and test equipment necessary for high performance RF design and manufacturing.

Key Specifications of our RF Waveform Generators:

  • Linear and non-linear Chirps
  • Pulsed RF
  • Pre-programmed
  • Low latency, high speed
  • Fast Waveform Sequencing: >1000 waveform segments available
  • RF tuning time of 100 nanoseconds with approx. 0 settling time