RO®-Mobile Awareness Platform (RO®-MAP)

The RO®-Mobile Awareness Platform (RO®-MAP) is a software application that runs on a personal digital assistant (PDA) or smartphone and provides vital situational awareness (SA) information quickly and reliably. The RO-MAP utilizes the functionality of a PDA along with the beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) capability of the RO® tactical radio to provide a Common Operating Picture (COP).

The L3Harris RO Mobile Awareness Platform provides vital situational awareness while on-the-move without existing ground infrastructure

Not only can the RO-MAP obtain position location information, text messages and reports from other RO tactical radio users, it can also be used as a remote control device for the RO® tactical radio. All commonly used functions of the radio can be controlled and monitored including speaker volume and networks assigned.

The PDA connects to the RO tactical radio through the 6 pin RS-232 data/audio port. When connected, the RO tactical radio is configured to operate in data collector mode. This feature provides position awareness of all RO tactical radios within 100-250 miles that are on the same network. The position location information (PLI) is then graphically displayed on the RO®-MAP situational awareness application. The RO tactical radio transmits location based on time, distance or when the push-to-talk switch is depressed.

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