Safe Release Components

Harris is the market leader in components to ensure safe release of payloads. Safe release does not just refer to the eject or release event but the full sortie, from take-off to landing, and the ease of use by ground personnel.

FRCS (Field Replaceable Cable System) Umbilical

FRCS is a simple, patented solution that offers a snag free release system that can be used repeatedly. FRCS is used on many NATO aircraft. It is a standard component on F-35 and is found on B-1B, F-22, Typhoon, A-10, F/A-18, F-15E, F-16, Tornado, Gripen, the Lynx helicopter and is qualified in the BRU-55 and BRU-57 multi-station launchers. Its introduction resolved issues that arose from the use of lanyard operated cables on smart weapons. Smart weapons require communication between the aircraft and the store which needs to be severed on release. Lanyard operated systems suffered catastrophic failures if tension was lost and could re-engage and jam. Intended as an interim solution and rushed in to service under a UK MoD UOR (Urgent Operational Requirement), Harris’ FRCS quickly proved to be nearly jam proof and, to date, no FRCS has failed in operational service. 

Cable Retention Unit (CRU)

The CRU compliments FRCS, drawing the freed FRCS back towards the aircraft so that no damage is done by the cable flapping in the airstream.