Seal Integrity Station

The L3Harris Seal Integrity Station is a self-contained subsystem equipped with ergonomic Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) work surfaces and all the tools and equipment needed to test whether a Line-Replaceable Unit (LRU) remains watertight after repairs.

Critical testing platform for tactical radios

The Seal Integrity Station employs a two-stage process, beginning with a “dry leak” test for radio gasket issues. This stage uses state-of-the-art mass flow technology, which simulates submersion while maintaining a constant pressure on the LRU. If a leak is detected, a second, “dunk” test uses positive air pressure and water submersion to accurately locate the problem area and speed repairs.

Key Benefits

  • Two-stage process quickly and accurately identifies leak issues, speeding repairs
  • Self-contained subsystem with ergonomic ESD work surfaces
  • All necessary tools and equipment are included
  • Foam cut-out storage areas allow users to quickly locate and inventory testing tools