Sonobuoy Launching System

L3Harris designs and manufactures pneumatic powered sonobuoy launching systems for maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare applications. Available in single launch and multiple rotary launch configurations, L3Harris Sonobuoy Launching Systems are utilized on special mission aircraft such as the P-8A Poseidon.  

Sonobuoy Rotary Launch System (SRL)

The L3Harris Sonobuoy Rotary Launch System is a pneumatic powered launcher which holds ten “A”-sized sonobuoys with the capability of launching a buoy every three seconds. This launcher can launch forty sonobuoys on a single 5000 psi charge, and can also operate at lower pressures. Mounted directly to the floor of the aircraft, this launcher is reloadable in flight. The SRL features a rotary carousel capable of carrying 10 LAU-126/A canisters holding A-size buoys and can be modified to hold F- or G-size sonobuoys. It is ideally suited to mid- and large-size maritime patrol aircraft. 

Sonobuoy Single Launch System (SSL)

The L3Harris Sonobuoy Single Launch System is a pneumatic powered launcher which holds and launches a single “A”-sized sonobuoy. Like the SRL, this launcher is mounted to the floor, is reloadable in flight, and carries the LAU-126/A canister with A-, F- or G-size sonobuoys. Each launcher has electrical and functional interfaces to the aircraft, and has met all safety protocols and qualification tests for operation and launch.