SpaceView Small Satellite Imaging Solutions

Today’s world moves at the speed of the instant. Decision-makers need timely and accurate insights to keep up, and more than ever the imagery driving those insights is coming from space. Satellite imagery drives strategic and persistent intelligence, tactical support and commercial missions, and L3Harris provides the framework with the SpaceView line of small satellite imaging solutions. The technology makes it more practical and affordable to deploy constellations to obtain high-resolution image intelligence at more frequent revisit rates.

Flexible and Configurable to Support Multiple Missions

With diverse sensor capabilities and a broad spectral range, L3Harris SpaceView payloads can be tailored to support different missions. These imaging solutions offer a full spectral range of choices — from visible through infrared and up to 8-band multispectral sensing. Larger SpaceView payloads can support two onboard camera configurations, increasing system coverage dramatically and enabling an expanded area of interest for tracking and analysis. SpaceView payloads can even support multiple missions with two different camera modalities in the same payload.

Affordable Persistence

In the past, satellite solutions with sufficient imaging capabilities have been cost prohibitive for many industries and did not provide the persistent coverage required to be truly useful. L3Harris, which has long produced some of the most trusted “eyes” in space, has addressed this need by re-engineering its high-end optics, patented structures and outstanding image quality offerings to produce the SpaceView line of high-performance imaging payloads. Tailored for constellations of smaller satellites, SpaceView systems enable faster revisit rates and greater coverage at an affordable price — while still delivering critical intelligence.

Small Payload Design

L3Harris SpaceView payloads provide highresolution imagery in a small, lightweight form factor. With apertures ranging from 0.24 to 0.8 meters, SpaceView systems meet imaging and size, weight and power requirements for nanosats, microsats and smallsats. With high-resolution imaging ranging from 0.24- to 1.1-meter GSD, SpaceView models 24, 35 and 42 are highresolution payloads that can use standard ESPA configurations.