Organizations require accurate insights to address their daily and long-term concerns. As a result, they are increasingly turning to satellite imagery to boost operational efficiency, which in turn helps save lives, the environment, and money.

High-resolution Imaging Payloads in Small, Affordable Packages.

In the past, satellite solutions with sufficient imaging capabilities have been cost prohibitive for many industries and did not provide the persistent coverage required to be truly useful. L3Harris SpaceView™ small satellite imaging solutions are making it more practical and affordable than ever to obtain persistent, high-resolution image intelligence at more frequent revisit rates via constellations.

L3Harris has provided mission-critical “eyes in space” for more than 50 years and is now adapting our high-end optics, patented structures, and outstanding image quality solutions to offer affordable coverage through the SpaceView™ line of high-performance, small satellite imaging payloads.

SpaceView™ Models 24, 35, and 42

Designed for use with nanosats and microsats, SpaceView™ models 24, 35, and 42 are high-resolution payloads with low size, weight, and power (SWAP) requirements. The SpaceView™ 24 payload weighs less than 10 kg. SpaceView™ 35 and 42 start at 20 kg and 25 kg, respectively, and offer the potential to capitalize on standard ESPA APL envelope configurations.

SpaceView™ Models 50, 65, and 70

Designed for use with smallsats, SpaceView™ models 50, 65, and 70 are high-resolution payloads with low SWaP requirements. These models are tailored to support the needs of a variety of industries—like agriculture, oil and gas, emergency response, and more—by offering diverse sensor capabilities and broad spectral range.