System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

With millions of aircraft arriving and departing airports across the globe, more information is being shared between air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airlines and airports. Harris Corporation is a global leader in managing this information exchange. Our team members and solutions have contributed to successful SWIM implementations and demonstrations across the world. They distribute, govern and transform data into valuable information.

Access to more aviation data at a lower cost

Harris’ portfolio of information management solutions has a wide range of depth and diversity to help users with an array of needs. They harness aviation information for managing air traffic flow, reducing long-term infrastructure costs and collaborating within and beyond their airspace. Our team of SWIM experts have deployed solutions across the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia and deployed with new technologies, like cloud computing.

The Harris SWIM team operates the FAA’s aviation data-sharing infrastructure, connecting dozens of FAA programs and hundreds of internal and external users

To connect these users and programs, FAA SWIM handles terabytes of data daily. Since initial implementation in 2012, Harris has worked closely with the FAA to evolve the capabilities to meet these needs and ensure SWIM provides real-time access to data to enable operations across the United States National Airspace System (NAS).

Harris is ready for the growth of aviation infrastructure

FAA SWIM provides foundational benefits for future aviation infrastructure growth.

  • Provides integrated information management through application of service-oriented architecture principles at an enterprise level
  • Delivers the right information─ reaching the right user at the right time─ by combining advanced technical capabilities with robust governance
  • Reduces integration costs by using industry standards for easy data ingestion