Tait UnifyVehicle Network Computing Platform

UnifyVehicle adds Land Mobile Radio (LMR), Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, 3G and Broadband (LTE) networking capabilities to existing TM9300 and TM9400 mobile radios. This platform seamlessly detects and switches to the best available signal, keeping public safety and utility workers reliably connected through the device of their choice including smart phone, laptop or tablet.

WiFi®, Bluetooth®, 3G and Broadband LTE for mobile radios

UnifyVehicle enhances worker safety and security by providing location services for geo-fencing, logging and voice recording and playback. Bluetooth tag and proximity detection technologies simplify asset management. Combined with Tait EnableFleet technology, workers can use Wi-Fi connections to more efficiently update radio configurations and firmware through Over-the-Air-Programming (OTAP).

Key benefits

  • Powerful new networking capabilities
  • Adds LMR, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and Broadband (LTE) connectivity to existing DMR and P25-capable mobile radios
  • Supports integration of AndroidTM and IOS® apps, including Push-to-Talk
  • Enhances worker safety, asset management and effective communications