TD9300 DMR Data Terminal

Ideal for distribution, oil and gas utilities, and control of irrigation systems, the TD9300, powered by Tait, supports advanced IP-based data services when used with a Supervisory Control and Data Gateway (SCADA). Capabilities for remote monitoring and control of devices means less time spent traveling for site checks and quicker identification and resolution of system issues. This DMR Data Terminal is interoperable with existing radios and is designed for future multi-bearer connectivity with Wi-Fi and cellular systems.

DMR Terminal Ruggedized for Utilities

The L3Harris TD9300 Machine-to-Machine Data Terminal is engineered for efficient performance in harsh environments. This Tier 3 DMR solution easily integrates into legacy systems for seamless support of data communications.

Key Benefits

  • Lower cost and increased efficiency with Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies based on DMR trunking standard
  • Ruggedized for continuous performance in harsh environments
  • Rapid integration into existing systems
  • Advanced IP-based capabilities
  • Interoperable with existing radio systems, with remote monitoring and control of devices