TM9315 DMR Mobile Radio

The L3Harris TM9315, powered by Tait, is a rugged digital mobile radio (DMR) engineered for use in demanding environments such as utilities, oil and gas, transportation, and mining. Rated IP54 for protection against dust and splashing water, the TM9315 features Lone Worker and optional GPS hardware and software to support worker safety and improve operational efficiencies.

Multimode mobile radio ruggedized for harsh conditions

The TM9315 provides 100 presets for channel or talkgroup selections with support for individual or private calls within groups. Voice privacy can be enhanced with optional 56-bit DES encryption and other security features such as Stun and Revive, for temporary denial of network access to a specific mobile.

Key Benefits

  • Quad-mode operation in conventional analog, MPT1327, DMR conventional and DMR trunked
  • Digital noise reduction technology for clear communications
  • IP54 rating
  • GPS capable
  • Lone worker feature