TP9600 P25 Portable Radio

The L3Harris TP9600, powered by Tait, is engineered for ease of use with intuitive controls and a large, color screen. Active noise cancellation and suppression technologies reduce background sounds while enhancing voice transmissions, providing loud, clear audio in noisy environments.

P25 mission-critical interoperability

This P25 portable provides multi-agency, multi-vendor interoperability along with standard-specific security and data capabilities. The radio is equipped with Bluetooth® wireless connectivity for accessories and Wi-Fi® Over-The-Air-Programming capabilities to streamline asset management. Additional Man Down, Lone Worker and optional GPS for location services enhance worker safety.

The TP9600 meets IP68 and IP65 standards for dust and water protection and includes a premium Li-Ion battery for up to 18 hours of shift life. The portable can be customized with a choice of keypad options and personalized labels for fast identification of user, workgroup and organization.

Key Benefits

  • Multi-mode, analog and digital capabilities simplify migration path
  • Active noise cancellation and suppression technologies provide clearer voice in loud environments
  • P25 multi-agency, multi-vendor interoperability
  • Man Down, Lone Worker functions and GPS location services help improve personnel safety and effectiveness