VCS21™ - Voice Communication Systems for the 21st Century

L3Harris introduces VCS21™, a global, next-generation Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication system designed for air traffic management communications. Its network-centric approach replaces proprietary, time-division multiplexing communications hardware with standards-based, VoIP-enabled voice nodes, which reduces dependence on traditional point-to-point communications. The product was generated from proven air traffic control algorithms with more than 18 million systems-hours of combined operation in more than 50 countries.

Taking ATM from Today to Tomorrow

VCS21 allows net-centric and legacy voice systems to coexist. This enables a seamless transition during ATM modernization programs of virtually any size and complexity, from small, single-tower installations to national and multinational voice systems. The system also operates as a fully networked enterprise voice system, with enhanced capabilities for business continuity planning, asset sharing and future facilities.