Voice Over Internet Protocol Communications Enterprise (VOICE) ATM

Today’s air traffic communications environment is complex. Most air traffic facilities need dozens or hundreds of stations available to ensure safe and efficient voice communications and zero disruptions.

Scalable voice solution that ensures critical communications

VOICE ATM is an air traffic control-centric voice communications solution that guarantees enterprise level functionality and wide range of flexibility for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) of all sizes. Leveraging decades of service in voice communications, and expertise in multiple domains, VOICE ATM is the future of scalable air traffic voice systems.

Scalability, reliability and safety in air traffic management

VOICE ATM represents true IP-at-the-core with no Time-division multiplexing (TDM) which allows air traffic facilities unparalleled flexibility and scalability. It delivers a full range of solutions to maximize efficiency for airport operator and ANSP requirements. 

The solution supports up to 200 positions per site for effective air traffic management. VOICE ATM supports a wide variety of workstations and communications devices and eliminates the need for multiple stove-piped solutions. It maintains a high availability for critical mission communications. This means less risk of voice cutout during critical times in operations while seamlessly integrating multiple communication asset types (air to ground, ground to ground, remote tower).

VOICE ATM Architecture and Interfaces

VOICE ATM fits a wide range of ATM functions by utilizing a completely distributed architecture with dual networks and peer-to-peer audio which increases redundancy and reduces latency with no interruptions in the event of a network outage. Additional operator stations or radios can also be rapidly added and multiple systems can be linked for more flexible staffing and better site management.