XL-200Pi Intrinsically Safe Multiband Portable Radio

The L3Harris XL-200Pi is a multiband portable meeting Underwriter Laboratories’ (UL) Class 1, Division 1 (C1D1) certification for intrinsic safety. Engineered for top performance in potentially volatile environments, this portable is ideal for fire departments, utilities, mining, hazmat responders and oil and gas workers operating in hazardous conditions.

C1D1 Rated Multiband Land Mobile Radio

The XL-200Pi delivers advanced connectivity with robust LMR voice and data over VHF, UHF and 700/800 frequencies, with Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and GPS included as standard. Ruggedized with a tough aluminum I-beam frame, this portable’s controls are shaped for fast, easy gloved hand operation.

Engineered for audio excellence including a 1.5/4.0 watt max amplifier with woofer and tweeter speakers, the XL-200Pi also features advanced noise cancellation which suppresses acoustic feedback and provides clear audio in a wide range of real-world situations. Tight Bluetooth integration with leading manufacturers of firefighting Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) systems improves in-mask audio and quality of communications on the fireground.

Key benefits

  • Rugged and reliable multiband portable meeting UL's stringent C1D1 certification for intrinsic safety in hazardous environments 
  • Robust connectivity with VHF, UHF, 700/800 frequency capabilities
  • Latest audio advancements deliver clear reception during a variety of scenarios
  • Multiple encryption choices for secure communications, including single-key AES standard
  • P25, open standards-based with proven interoperability