XL Single-Bay Charger

Advanced technologies in this powerful solution streamline the charging process while maximizing battery life. Engineered for use with lithium batteries in the XL FAMILY of portable radios, the charger can be used with or without having the radio attached.

Rapid-Charge Solution for LMR Portables

Microprocessors monitor charge rates to compensate for hot, cold, weak or defective batteries and any line voltage variations. The XL Single-Bay Charger brings batteries up to full power in approximately 4 hours and features a multi-colored LED indicator of charge status or any system or temperature faults.

Key Benefits

  • Speeds charging while optimizing battery performance
  • Designed specifically for XL FAMILY of radios: XL-200P, XL-200Pi, XL‑185P, XL-185Pi 
  • Charges in 4 hours with or without radio attached
  • Compact unit for use on desks or any flat surface
  • Multi-color LED status indicator